WALL ONE - c60

WALL ONE (siht36) (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 25.10.2013
format: c60
copies: 12
info: True, anonymous, nihilistic, HNW. No artist / no art.



GRY SMK - TRUTH (siht35) (avialable)
date of release: 25.10.2013
format: cdr
copies: 30
info: GRY SMK rises from the frozen north with 2 tracks of ritual synth walls. Bleak, crushing, and brutal. This release is for true maniacs only.

A.S. Pearson - One cdr

A.S. Pearson - One (siht34) (avialable)
date of release: 25.10.2013
format: cdr
copies: 50
info: Pure John Carpenter worship from the left brain of D/A A/D's Alex Pearson, comes this ambient journey into melodic modular synth music. If D/A A/D is the storm, A.S. Pearson is the calm before.

For fans of John Carpenter, Boards Of Canada, & 90's EDM music.


Doomed Fossils 7" lathe + cdr

Doomed Fossils - 7" lathe + cdr (siht33) (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 10.04.2013
format: 7" lathe + cdr
copies: 30
info: Snapped In half is proud to present a co-release with Cardinal Records.

Doomed Fossils were Daniel Farr, David Payne and Alex Pearson.
Farr/Payne duo are pleased to be working with Pearson, an Eastern Canadian noise monster who has been blasting faces as D/A A/D.

Pearson’s analogue modular synthesizers paired with dismantled guitars and mishandled records births a creep creation that is DOOMED FOSSILS. Awkward and ecstatic.

The release includes a cdr which present both sides of the lathe as well as two additional
lengthy pieces.

Lathes cut by Graham Baldwin at 2208: 2208records.blogspot.com

Doomed Fossils logo by Alex Pearson, hand-screened covers by Daniel Farr.

33 RPM