Modern Language #1 - Synth Tape c60

Modern Language #1 - Synth Tape (siht24) (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 05.05.2009
format: c60
copies: 100
info: This is the first installment in the Modern Language series of tape compilations on snapped in half. This release contains recordings by the following synth artists:

Andrew Coltrane
Head Boggle
Angel Of Decay
Pulse Emitter
Carlos Giffoni
Oneohtrix Point Never
Spine Scavenger

All tapes from this series are dubbed on recycled cassettes from a local universities modern language department, and thus add a certain level of grime and filth to these synthesizer recordings. There will be a second tape in this series later this year, but for now we have an amazing collection of synth tracks.

Crystal Plumage - Elizabeth Lake cdr

Crystal Plumage - Elizabeth Lake (siht23) (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 05.05.2009
format: cdr
copies: 30
info: Crystal Plumage are the duo of Benjamin Laurent Aman on guitars & electronics
and Sean Fergus Barrett on electronics & oscillators. They are from Berlin by way of Los Angeles, and make some amazing electroacoustic music. This release is a single 30+ minute track that treads somewhere between minimal drone and musique concrète. A recording such as this has as much to do with Dylan Carson as it does John Cage.

Sorc'Henn - Gula Guten cdr

Sorc'Henn - Gula Guten (siht22) (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 05.05.2009
format: cdr
copies: 40
info: Sorc'Henn hails from the deep woods of France, fueled by darkness and carried by mystery. This release is 2 epic tracks of doom and gloom, and blackened to its very core.

In honor of the horned
In honor of the goldened
In honor of the silvered

Sonic Suicide Squad - With This Dream Death Shall Come cdr

S.S.S. - With This Dream Death Shall Come (siht21) (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 05.05.2009
format: cdr
copies: 50
Info: Sonic Suicide Squad are Vinnie Paternostro on Tenor Sax, Sam Lohman on Drums, and Jon Simler doing Live Acoustic Manipulations. They play righteously raunchy free jazz that has more teeth than a great white shark. From heavy grooves to skronk and scree, this disc will shred your ears and coddle your brain. These guys just got back from tour with Acid Mothers Temple, so you better grab this while you can.

D/A A/D - Normal Rights cdr

D/A A/D - Normal Rights (siht20) (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 05.05.2009
format: cdr
copies: 30
Info: Recorded and released for the D/A A/D / Griefer 2009 Winter Assault Tour, there are only 6 of these left. This disc is some of D/A A/D's most bleak and minimal work to date, pure synth creep outs.