Modern Language #1 - Synth Tape c60

Modern Language #1 - Synth Tape (siht24) (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 05.05.2009
format: c60
copies: 100
info: This is the first installment in the Modern Language series of tape compilations on snapped in half. This release contains recordings by the following synth artists:

Andrew Coltrane
Head Boggle
Angel Of Decay
Pulse Emitter
Carlos Giffoni
Oneohtrix Point Never
Spine Scavenger

All tapes from this series are dubbed on recycled cassettes from a local universities modern language department, and thus add a certain level of grime and filth to these synthesizer recordings. There will be a second tape in this series later this year, but for now we have an amazing collection of synth tracks.