LoveLetters - Slime Dynasty c30

LoveLetters - Slime Dynasty (siht03) (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 06.07.2007
format: c30
copies: 50
info: Limited edition with hand numbed copies and spray painted labels. 30 minutes of organic noise bursts, from New Jersey's finest noise duo (also of Loveless Tapes fame). Thumping sub bass to reverb rattles, this release is for fans of Dead Machines, Knurl, and of course LoveLetters!
"Popped power cables and ruptures of rippling whine, Loveletters don’t submit to structure. Instead they sprawl, feeling almost psychedelic in formation but with a palette of defiantly self-destructive power electronics. Great screaming whines drive through the blizzard like overdriven flute line, Loveletters have little time for subliminals or subtlety instead spitting unruly blasts across both sides of the tape like coughing dogs." - Scott Mckeating (Rock a Rolla)