A.S. Pearson - Broken Dreams and Blue Jays c45

A.S. Pearson - Broken Dreams and Blue Jays c45 (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 24.02.2008
format: c45
copies: 20
info: A.S. Pearson of D/A A/D's solo analog project, just modular synth - no effects or outside sound sources. each tape comes with a relic of my childhood, a 1987 O-Pee-Chee Toronto Blue Jays card from my actual collection. The tape is 2 side long modular drone jams, straight to tape. No overdubs, 100% analog.

This nice little slab of white plastic is the newest offering from D/A A/D front man, Alex Pearson. This is the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of pure analog synth recordings done in a more ambient style recorded straight to tape, and never touched by digital hands. As with most of his this release's is pretty bass heavy, but unlike D/A A/D there is also an underlying since of melody, and plenty of long, engaging drones. This still hits pretty heavy though, and I would hesitate to call it straight up drone or ambient. While it has the characteristics of both those styles, the tones are still very beefy and unrelenting in a way that is purely Alex's own. All an all I enjoy this tape very much, and for people like me who can't get enough synth action it's one of the best things I've got in the mail recently. It's a shame that it's limited to only 20 copies. Comes with a small business card with the info, and a Toronto Blue Jays baseball card from the 1980's, all in a tiny zip lock bag. Very cool sounds, and nice, thoughtful packaging. Get it quick! - eat trash, shit money!

Unfortunately due to the nature of this release the master tape was damaged by static electricity, there may be slight popping during the tape, we would like to think it adds character.

possibly available from:
RRRecords (usa)