Suicidal Tendons - Black Teeth c30

Suicidal Tendons - Black Teeth (siht06) (SOLD OUT)
date of release: 24.02.2008
format: c30
copies: 20
info: Kelso Washington's harsh noise beast on snapped in half with clear red cassettes with transparent cobalt gray mylar, black and white and black on black inserts. Harsh walls with a twist, 28 minutes of foreplay leading to 2 solid minutes of hard core fucking (noise).

"Is this a S.T. ambient tape?!? Well close, but not exactly. The tape starts off with gear slowly being turned on, with each tiny sound being feed into a delay loop that grows and grows. A nice eerie, crunchy feedback loop rolls along, crackling and changing ever so slightly. After the play button clicks up and you are broke from the daze of the past 15 minutes, it's time to flip it over. It slides back into the same rhythm and you continue to be stoned by the noise. Just before the tape ends there is a nice surprise. Double killer! Amazing packaging from SIH contains 3 inserts, including a book review and a translucent painting of the dark one himself. It's all enclosed in a small zip lock bag." - eat trash, shit money!

possibly available from:
RRRecords (usa)